[Infographic] How Does Battery Storage Work for Solar Power?

How Does Battery Storage Work

Battery storage works by storing the excess power your solar panels generate during the day so you can use it at night. On sunny days your solar panels will generate more electricity than your home needs so it will be exported to the grid. Without solar storage, however, you will still be required to draw electricity from the grid at night no matter how sunny the day.

Solar batteries give you control over the power your solar panels generate. In certain situations, solar storage can even give you electrical independence.

While we are familiar with batteries that go in our electrical devices, solar storage systems for your home are somewhat different.

This infographic breaks down how battery storage works.

How Does Battery Storage Work Infographic

How Does Battery Storage Work Infographic

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Battery storage is an excellent way for solar panel owners to take control over the electricity they produce. While there are a number of different types solar storage systems, the benefits of installing it in your home are clear.

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